Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo
Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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A Non-Profit Dedicated to Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts. Fed. ID #83-3652255

Winter-Spring Program 

Village Arts is proud to be able to offer assistance through our form.
For additional financial assistance information, please contact us.  All information provided to Village Arts will remain confidential.

Please note, our theatre programs will culminate with a presentation style format that will be dependent on the current LA County Health Department COVID policies. It is our hope that we may be able to offer a larger audience presentation at that time. Village Arts program presentation is designed to give our students the experiences of performing and sharing their work with family and friends, while also giving Village Arts the flexibility should we need to postpone at any point.

Start date of our programs may be delayed should LA County infection rates increase and/or LA County Public Health Department requests stronger restrictions that may not permit outdoor programs for a short period of time.

Refunds and/or a pro-rata reimbursement will occur should Village Arts be forced to shut down its programs due to another surge of COVID 19 and sessions can no longer take place.

Should any programs be sold out, we will consider opening more programs should people be interested, contact Ms. Pam


For more info to visit LACO Public Health CLICK HERE

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