Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo
Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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Homework Club

Fall Program 2021



Summer Program 2021

Community Discussion Workshop

This summer, Clara Moser led a half-hour workshop for our campers where they discussed how to build a safe and inclusive community.

Art Class

Our students have art class during our Summer Program

Dance Class

Ms Jodie leads a dance class at our Summer Program

Rehearsal: Mary Poppins, JR

Our Summer Program kids doing their thing!

Go Kart and Cardboard Creations Classes

Village Arts is COMMUNITY.

Wonderful World Show!

This play with music was created by Village Arts co-founder and artistic director, Pamela Shafer Moser. The piece was created as a way to give our students the chance to perform safely outdoors in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. The play dramatizes folk-tales from around the world from various cultures and races. Folk and contemporary songs were used to tie the stories together.

We all know the challenges that COVID caused and our students very much needed the chance to get away from sitting in front of their computers and connect, play and create with their neighbors and friends. WONDERFUL WORLD allowed that to happen. The evening of shows were celebrated by everyone and offered a brief relief from the isolation and anxiety everyone had been feeling the past year.


For several years Village Arts students have insisted that we devote one summer to producing High School Musical. They all had grown up with the original Disney Channel musical and its sequels. We finally saw the opportunity to make it happen. The rehearsals and performances led to a unique and magical summer. Many of our students were about to head off to High School and clearly that excitement of entering high school fed the excitement of creating a wonderful summer and show.

Our students also had the unique opportunity to meet the writer of High School Musical, Peter Barsocchini. He was kind of enough to speak with all of our students and to then sit for photos/selfies.


Village Arts teen ensemble presents playwright William Mastrosimone’s powerful one act play Bang, Bang You’re Dead! This one act play explores the small steps that lead to a school shooting. Mastrosimone was inspired to write this play in the late 90s after an incident occurred at this son’s school. The play was created to be performed by students for students. After a workshop production, Mastrosimone decided to post the play online and offered if for free. The play quickly embraced by students and teachers and would be performed across the nation and internationally. Showtime Networks developed the play into a movie where it would go on to win multiple Emmy awards, a Peabody and played at number of US Film Festivals.