Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo
Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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Village Arts stands with all our families who are affected by racism and hate. It is our vow to go further with reaching out into our community to provide a safe, more diverse, inclusive, joyful environment of understanding, education and love. We will work harder to live up to our motto:
“Village Arts is a Place for Everyone!”

Summer Camp 2023

Classic Comedy Camp
Summer 2023

Classic Comedy Camp

Dates: Monday, July 31 – Friday, August 4, 2023

Time: 9AM – 2PM

PROGRAM: Comedy Camp is a fun, week-long program where kids get the chance to explore all the elements that go into creating great comedy! Starting with an introduction to the most influential and great comedy icons like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, and then exploring comedy by playing tons of improv games and theater based exercises that are designed to help them develop and practice their comedic skills. We explore character walks and voices, funny physicality, spit takes, double takes, slow burn takes, prat falls, extreme reactions, deadpan, exaggerated emotions, running gags, absurdity, and parody. Kids also draw signature comic characters and invent worlds around them. We also create and share sketches every day. During the week, we will also make and film commercial parodies, song parodies, and a short silent film together.

Summer Mini Program!
Summer Camp 2023


Kinder Program

Ages: 5-6 years old

Dates:  July 10-July 28th

Times:, 9am-12pm

All our “Mini” programs are age appropriate modified versions of our MainStage musicals. This is a 3 week program that culminates in a costumed onstage performance. Camp days include Theatre games, play acting, singing dancing and an arts and crafts class! Miss Jeanne magically enchants this program full of creativity, fun and fantasy. Kids are encouraged to use their rich imaginations, while learning the ABC’s of theatre. This program builds amazing skills and confidence, AND it’s fun!!!

Summer Camp 2023
Musical Program!

Bye Bye Birdie! Elementary and MS program

Ages: 7-14 

Dates: July 5-July 30th

Time: 9am-4pm

Village Arts Theatre Camp is a four-five week program where campers rehearse and perform a fully produced musical. Each day includes workshops in improv, dance, visual art and singing, while rehearsing to create a wonderful production of Bye, Bye Birdie.

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Yoga for Adults

Classes for Adults:
Yoga (Core Strength Vinyasa)

In this eight-week yoga program, we will be exploring the world of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. This style of movement is based in myo-fascial and yoga alignment. This means looking at the lines through our body that build strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. This style of yoga focuses on the power generated from…

Fall Program
August 21 - December 15

Homework Club
Fall Session

Homework club is 3-4 hours per session, depending on the day.
Our priority is quiet, supervised homework time, and creative playtime.
If enrolled in a class you can add homework club to it.

Fall Session

From Dance to Photography to Woodshop, we have excellent classes taught by loving professionals. Our students learn, engage, and have fun! Our classes are small and are split up to ensure a safe environment and personal attention!

Fall Musical
Stay Tuned!


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Please visit our hallway to see Valley Village resident and artist, Al Batiste, incredible art installation. This immersive and constantly evolving piece that lives in our backstage hallways, allows our students and patrons to add whatever art or words they wish. Please take a moment to explore the piece and feel free to add to it in any way you would like.


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Jack leaves behind a spirit of love and friendship that will continue to have an impact with everyone.

Village Arts is a Place for Everyone!

-Pam Shafer-Moser

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“I want each of my students to experience their own personal best,” says Pam Shafer Moser, the co-founder of Village Arts, “whether that’s a natural little star who’s going to get up there and take the world by storm or if it’s the shy child who is very nervous about being on stage, whose big moment is the fact that they have a line and they can stand up there confidently and say that line and look out into the audience.”

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