November 30, 2020

From our first year at Colfax Elementary School, we were intrigued by the Village Arts Theater Program with Pam and John Moser.  I tried to encourage my shy and soft-spoken daughter in Kindergarten and first grade to give it a try.  She loved seeing all the performances but was not yet ready to participate.  By the time, my daughter was in 3rd grade, in 2017, she was finally ready to give the program a try.  That was the beginning of a true love, for not only Ms. Pam and her amazing shows, but theater itself.  This program has helped my daughter grow with confidence and social skills and work as a group to create something wonderful.   My daughter is now 11 years old and she has not missed a performance opportunity with Village Arts Program since.  She now attends a performing arts magnet school, where those learned skills have helped develop the creative performer she is today.  Our family is so grateful for the growth my daughter has experienced with Village Arts.