November 30, 2020

Village Arts has always been a bright light in my children’s lives.  I have two daughters [names].  They both started with Village Arts in second grade (2014, 2016).  At Village Arts, they found a place where they felt appreciated, valued, and seen.  They were taught about things like supporting others, working together, and how to belt out a famous Broadway tune.  Every semester, my girls would beg to be part of this program again.  They didn’t care who got the starring role because Pam and John (the directors) made sure this wasn’t a place about petty competition and hierarchy.  What mattered at Village Arts was community and respect and anyone who participated for even a day felt mission.  Additionally, Village Arts puts on professional and truly good theatre.  Their shows are organized, fun, and always entertaining.  I am very grateful that my children have gotten to be part of this jewel.