November 30, 2020

My son, did two Village Arts productions starting a few years ago, and one that became “virtual” as Village Arts adapted to Coronavirus isolated living.

Village Arts exposed our kiddo, and all of his fellow participants a super fun and positive environment to perform and be creative.  This outlet provided him with a source of striving for accomplishment, memorizing his lines and music and dance.  Also, the feeling of community, between the children, Village Arts “older” kids that had graduated but still participated in the program, and the incredible staff, has been cherished and one that our son finds very special, as do we.  The quality of the productions has also been extraordinary, and something the children and teachers can be very proud of.

These times are especially challenging for the arts, and children ache for the ability to create, learn, and achieve in an artistic climate.  We yearn for a time when they can all be involved in person again, and can’t stress enough the importance of Village Arts.