Mondays: January 24th-March 14th, 4-5pm 

  • Ages: 7-11 year-olds
  • Simon brings a long history in teaching all the fundamental hip hop styles including choreography, break dancing, popping, locking, tutting, animation, krumping, and much more.


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Simon Mendoza is a Canadian-born multi-talented performer and entertainer from Tampa, Florida who has whole-heartedly devoted the majority of his spare time to teaching and influencing children and youth. His recent on-screen credits include Lip Sync Battle, Glee Season 6, Tru TV’s Fake Off Season 2, international dance film “High Strung”, and Awesomeness TV’s “Dance Camp” on Youtube Red, as well as being a featured B-boy in the world’s first 360 Music video “Waiting for Love” by Avicci. His stage credits include MTV Movie Awards alongside The Rock, James Corden with Rebel Wilson & Anne Hathaway, LL Cool J, Team iLuminate (A.G.T Season 7 Finalists), and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Simon has traveled abroad (Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kuwait, Mexico, Canada, Romania, Kazakhstan) and helped broaden the scope to the youth via Hip Hop and breaking workshops in his ten year career. He has been an advocate for Flipz Entertainment and the philanthropy movement “Footprintz/Leave Your Mark” worldwide originally funded by Ivan Flipz Velez, his confidant, friend, and mentor.

The focus of the class:

  • Beginner-advanced level hip hop movements how-to enter into a dance circle and easy moves you can start out with!
  • Falling with style
  • Warm ups, Conditioning and short dance routines
  • Beginner level breakdancing tricks and practicing spatial awareness when dancing with others and an audience
  • Storytelling! Being a character and giving style to your movement. And also keeping up energy and having fun with it!