Decades Dance Party – Tuesdays


  • 5-10 weeks
  • Tuesday starting Sept 21.
  • Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Come wind down your day with a dance based exercise class. Time travel on the dance floor. What made the flapper flap? How did American women go from waltzing in a ballroom in long skirts and high heels to twisting on the beach in furry bikinis? Come dance your way into the answers! Join us as we laugh, sweat, and burn calories, and learn the most popular dance moves from the 1920s-2020s. Each week is a different decade. Learn the Charleston, the Moonwalk, iconic moves from boy bands, Beyonce and so much more! No dance experience is needed.

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The dance classes are designed for all ages from 8 to 80! Elementary kids, tweens, teens, grown-ups etc. Come by yourself or bring your whole family! Kids ages 8-14 can dance with a parent or grand-parent or hang out for an hour and do homework or draw while their caregiver gets time to exercise. Kids 14-18 can walk over or be dropped off to dance without a parent present. Grown-ups can also come alone!

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Class options

10 weeks ($115.00), 5 weeks ($65.00), Group/Family 10 Weeks ($175.00), Group/Family 5 Weeks ($90.00)