Animation Sensation


Tuesdays: January 25th-March 15th, 4:15pm-545pm

  • Ages: 8-11 year-olds
  • Art Show: TBA
  • A eight-week sessions where students will explore the basic techniques of animation as well as offering hands-on experience of creating various animation pieces – flip books, character drawings, stop-motion projects, pixelation and more.

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John Eddings

John Eddings has worked for 40 years in the Animation Industry.   Storyboard, Character Cleanup, In-Betweening, Effects Animation, Sheet Timing, Ink and Paint, Camera.  In studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Don Bluth, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Klasky-Csupo, Rough Draft, Tit-Mouse, FilmRoman…

You can check him out on IMDB.  John Eddings