Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo
Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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A Non-Profit Dedicated to Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts. Fed. ID #83-3652255

Kids & Teens Improv - Acting - Photography - Dance - Hip Hop - Sketch Comedy - Art - Choir - Makers Day

Classes and workshops where students learn, engage and have fun! 

Village Arts classes are small and are split up to ensure a safe environment and personal attention!

FALL SESSION AUG. 28-Nov 10, 2023
Register at 9am Sunday, July 30th for Middle School Sketch Comedy,
and at 9am, Saturday, Aug. 12th for Improv -Elementary Program!

Friday Comedy day!

Sep 08 – Nov 10 (NOTE: there will be class on 11/10 even if it’s Veterans Day/School Holiday)

You can add Homework Club to your class

Register August 12th at 9am!


Grades: 3-5
  • Fridays: 10 Classes September 8–November 10 (There will be class on Veterans Day)
  • Time (Class only): 3:15-4:15PM ($210)
  • Time (Class with HWC): 2:30PM-5:30PM ($450) HWC-add on is for 10 sessions of this class.
  • This fun workshop is all play! You will learn to act and plays dozens of Theater Games. Maybe we can even put on our own show!

Let's play games! Let’s act out stories.  Let’s make our own stories. This fun workshop is all play! You will learn to act and plays dozens of Theater Games. Maybe we can even put on our own show! Let’s play!

Students will need to take this first class should they want to advance into our sketch comedy program.


Grades 6-9

  • Fridays: 10 Classes September 8–November 10 (There will be class on Veterans Day)
  • Time: 4:30PM – 6:00PM ($300)
Attention all class-clowns, laugh rioters, and sketch creators! Welcome to our fully immersive Sketch Comedy Program designed for students in grades 6-9. Get ready to unleash your creativity and sense of humor as we equip you with all the tools and experiences needed to craft hilarious sketches and original materials. What to Expect: In this program, you'll dive headfirst into the world of sketch comedy. Led by the dynamic duo of comedy - Matt Walsh, a founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, and Dwayne Colbert, an experienced teacher, performer, writer, and director from CalArts, Second City, and Nickelodeon - you're in for a fun, unique, and inspiring journey! Join the Troupe: Beyond mastering the art of sketch comedy, this class is your first step to becoming a part of our exclusive performance troupe. Imagine having regular performance nights right here at Village Arts, showcasing your comedic prowess to a growing fan base! Are you ready to take the stage and become a sketch comedy superstar? Enroll now, and let's create hilarity together!


Schedules, Tuition & Discounts

All Village Arts programs take place at Village Arts space on the campus of Faith Presbyterian Church of Valley Village

We have more classes Monday-Friday. 
  •  Each Class is 10 sessions
  • No class on School Holidays (except for Sketch Comedy)
  • Tuition starts at $210
  • $10 off with a minimum purchase of two classes
    $5.00 off each additional class when you purchase 3 classes or more.
  • Eligible discounts will be automatically applied at check out.
You can add homework club to your class. 
  • If you are adding HWC to your class, bring: two snacks, student Homework packet, water bottle, and label your child’s items. Their HWC schedule will differ from a full time HWC student; They will only have time do homework before or after class. If time permits, they will engage in playtime.

Village Arts is proud to be able to offer financial assistance through our form.
For additional financial assistance information, please contact us.  All information provided to Village Arts will remain confidential.

Closure and Additional Info 

 School Holidays Closure:

  • No Classes/Homework Club during school holidays and spring break.
  • Village Arts follows the LAUSD calendar and will not hold classes or programs if the LAUSD is not in session.
  • Please note the days that Village Arts classes are not in session.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • No refunds are offered after the second class.
  • Full tuition to be paid upon registration for class.
  • $50 processing fee will be applied if a student withdraws a week before the start of class.
  • ¾ of tuition will be refunded if a student withdraws within the first class session.