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Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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Homework Club for Valley Village - North Hollywood, & greater San Fernando Valley Families

Village Arts Offers Homework Club

Winter/Spring Sessions January 9 - May 12

No Classes/Homework Club during school holidays and spring break,April 1 -April 9.
Daily sessions start at $36.00 per 3 hour session.

Homework and Playtime!

About Homework Club:

Village Arts created Homework Club to continue to offer a destination for families where students feel safe, inspired, and have fun. We also value the importance of study time for students and expect students to be quiet and behave while doing their homework or some other quiet activity. Overseeing the Homework Club program are Gina Wingate and her assistant (see below for Gina’s bio). Gina is a long-time friend and colleague of Village Arts.

The program is also designed for kids to be kids: where they can play, create, be goofy or just hang out with a buddy once they have finished their work.


  • Students are picked up at Colfax School and then escorted across the street to the Village Arts space on the campus of the Faith Presbyterian Church.
  • Settling in for 15 minutes with snacks and gabbing with friends.
  • A full hour of homework time. Students are required to stay quiet during this time and complete their homework. Homework help is available from our two adults that work with the students. If students do not have homework or have finished early they can read, draw, or play a quiet game.
  • Playtime, games, Lego, art projects and more. We have a full room filled with supplies and games for kids to fully immerse themselves in various activities. All Village Arts programs take place at Village Arts space on the campus of Faith Presbyterian Church of Valley Village.

winter-spring Session 2
March 13 - May 11


  • 2:30PM – 5:30PM: M, W & Th., 3 hours per day
  • 1:30PM – 5:30PM: Tuesday, 4 hours (LAUSD Early Dismissal) 

School Holidays Closure: No Classes/Homework Club during school holidays and spring break,April 1 -April 9.

Session 2
March 20 - May 12

This Homework Club Add-On is ONLY for students participating in Weekday Musical Programs Or Weekday Classes. Choose your Homework Club days based on your musical cast, or class


  • Classes: (8 sessions or the duration of the classes) 1.5 hours of Homework Club before/after your Village Arts Class.
  • Musical Program: (11 Sessions or the duration of the program) 1.5 hours of Homework Club before/after your Musical Program Cast.

Gina Wingate, Homework Club Director

Gina Wingate started her career as a costumer on TV and film. Her credits include Friends, Father of the Bride Part ll, and That Thing You Do! She put her career on hold to stay home with her son, Jet, and daughter, Cooper, while they were young. She became involved in their school, Colfax Charter, and volunteered for everything. She started Kidchella when her daughter was in 5th grade and has become one of Colfax’s biggest fundraisers. Gina has worked with special needs kids as a shadow and now has her Early Childhood Development certificate. Gina has costumed many Village Arts’ plays, including Mary Poppins, Shrek, and Fiddler on the Roof.

“Valley Village is the community where my prop master husband, Rick, and I chose to raise our kids, and Village Arts has become a big part of my life. I’m super excited to work with John & Pam on their new adventure, and I can’t wait to meet the kids!” -Gina

  • School Holidays Closure: No Classes/Homework Club during school holidays and spring break,April 1 -April 9.
  • Village Arts follows the LAUSD calendar and will not hold classes or programs on the LAUSD is not in session.
  • Please note the days that Village Arts classes are not in session.


  • No refunds are offered after the second class.
  • Full tuition to be paid upon registration for class.
  • $50 processing fee will be applied if a student withdraws a week before the start of class.
  • ¾ of tuition will be refunded if a student withdraws within the first class session.

Village Arts is proud to be able to offer assistance through our form.
For additional financial assistance information, please contact us.  All information provided to Village Arts will remain confidential.