Fall Theatre Program-Colfax Charter

  • Kinder, Monday-Thursday casts productions of Wizard of Oz are only for Colfax Charter Elementary School students.

    All productions of Wizard of Oz, except the Wednesday cast, will  be directed by Ms Pam Shafer-Moser. The Wednesday cast production will be directed by Jeanne Simpson.

    Our Colfax program takes place in the Colfax Charter Auditorium.

    All student in the Monday through Thursday casts must report to the auditorium immediately after school on their cast day.

    Kinder Program students: kids enrolled in the Kinder program will be picked up from their classroom and escorted to the auditorium. 

    For any students outside of Colfax Charter, please join our Friday Teen Cast or Saturday Cast ages 7-12yrs – we offer classes in acting, comedy, on-camera technique, dance photography and visual arts.

    Or please join us for our Spring production which is open to ALL students.

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Auditions are the first day of the program for each cast!