Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo
Junior Acting, Theater, Visual Arts and Drama Classes in NoHo

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A Non-Profit Dedicated to Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts. Fed. ID #83-3652255

Village Arts stands with all our families who are affected by racism and hate. It is our vow to go further with reaching out into our community to provide a safe, more diverse, inclusive, joyful environment of understanding, education and love. We will work harder to live up to our motto:
“Village Arts is a Place for Everyone!”

Lion King Jr and Lion King Kids tickets for performances at Colfax Charter and Village arts Theatre space.


Rehearsal: Lion King Jr


Please visit our hallway to see Valley Village resident and artist, Al Batiste, incredible art installation. This immersive and constantly evolving piece that lives in our backstage hallways, allows our students and patrons to add whatever art or words they wish. Please take a moment to explore the piece and feel free to add to it in any way you would like.

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Saturday Class

AGES: 7-10 years old
8 SATURDAYS: 9/17 – 11/ 5
TIME: 10:15-11:15am

Comedy Camp

GRADES: 2 – 5  

10 FRIDAYS: 9/2 – 11/ 4

TIME: 3:00 – 5:00PM

Discounts offered with the purchase of multiple classes and The Lion King Musical Program

  • $15 off with the purchase of The Lion King Kids and a class ($10 off with every additional class)
  • $10 off w/ the purchase of two classes
  • $15 off w/ the purchase of three classes
  • $20 off w/ the purchase off four classes
  • $25 off w/ the purchase of five classes

Village Arts is proud to be able to offer assistance through our form.
For additional financial assistance information, please contact us.  All information provided to Village Arts will remain confidential.


Village Arts is a Place for Everyone!

-Pam Shafer-Moser

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Your generous donations provide children with Mentorship & Scholarships for all programs and classes.

“I want each of my students to experience their own personal best,” says Pam Shafer Moser, the co-founder of Village Arts, “whether that’s a natural little star who’s going to get up there and take the world by storm or if it’s the shy child who is very nervous about being on stage, whose big moment is the fact that they have a line and they can stand up there confidently and say that line and look out into the audience.”

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Village Arts is COMMUNITY. Thank you all for joining us!

We're following strict Social Distance Guidelines

COVID-19 & Village Arts Protocols

As we all find our way forward and contend with the issues of the pandemic, Village Arts will continue with its strict COVID protocols. We will follow and put into place the Los Angeles public health guidelines as well as the LAUSD guidelines. We kindly ask that all of our students and staff adhere to all pandemic safety protocols including keeping socially distant from one another, wear a mask at all times and more. Most important, we ask that our parents/guardians do not permit their children to attend our programs should their child/children have a temperature or feel ill. Please notify us immediately if your child or someone in your family has been exposed in any way to the Corona virus and its variants.

Village Arts will notify all participants in our programs of any incident relating to a COVID exposure. We will use email and text to communicate an incident if and when an exposure issue occurs.

Please note, due to the many public health guideline changes that have occurred since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we may need to change our protocols with any changes LA County may put in place.

Ms. Pam says, we want to help!


Tent set-up


For more info to visit LACO Public Health CLICK HERE

Lindsay Gamache is a professional actress in L.A. Originally from Pittsburgh, she earned her BFA in musical theatre from Penn State University. Upon graduating, Lindsay performed in the Japan and North American Tour of 42nd Street the Musical. She then headed to L.A. to continue her career in theatre, tv/film, and voice-over. 

Most recently, she performed in the play, Simpatico at the WhiteFire Theater. You can hear her voice on the Kerrygold Butter campaign and see her on the Jersey Mike’s commercial. 

She continues to coach students for their acting and singing auditions and support the arts in education.